Re: Acts 2:15-16

From: Carlton L. Winbery (
Date: Mon Jun 24 1996 - 04:36:55 EDT

Leo Percer wrote;
>I'm looking for some help here on the proper translation of this section
>(v. 15 in particular). Does Peter say, "For these are not drunk, as you
>suppose, for it is but the third hour," or does he say, "For these are
>drunk, but not as you suppose . . ." In other words, is Peter defending
>against charges of actual drunkenness (i.e., intoxication caused by too
>much wine), or is he contrasting the Pentecost experience with actual
>drunkenness (i.e., the folks were drunk on the Spirit)? I realize this
>request may require some interpretation, so if you think it off topic for
>the list, please respond to my privately! Thanks!
Leo, I would say that the OU must negate the verb MEQUOUSIN. If it were
intended to negate the verb hUPOLAMBANETE, it would have been inside the
comparative clause hWS hUMEIS hUPOLAMBANETE.

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