Re[2]: Synonyms in John 21 etc.

Date: Fri Jun 21 1996 - 18:25:49 EDT

     It must be noted that Agape itself can be unselfish or it can be
     selfish, as Jesus showed describing the "agape" of Gentiles at Matt.
     5:46. This type of "agape" is, pardon the paraphrase, "scratch my
     back and I'll scratch yours." Therefore, it is not IN ITSELF a higher
     or lower form of love.
     Perhaps the best distinction (to add to DWilkens noted distinctions)
     is that agapaw is based on principles more than philew. Those
     principles may be selfish (Matt 5:46) or unselfish (Matt 5:44). But
     principled nonetheless. Agape may or may not include affection.
     Wes Williams

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