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> II. FILEW in Scripture (appears 21 times in verb form in the N.T.)
> The Father FILEI the Son (John 5:20). Notice the close kinship stressed
> in context of the previous and following verses.

        Notice how this contradicts your premise.

> Jesus' love of Lazarus is described by his sisters as FILEW (John 11:3) and
> weeps over him; it is thus described by the Jews (11:36).


> The disciple whom Jesus loved is described by this verb (John 20:2), as well
> as the church whom God loves (Rev. 3:19).


> If anyone does not FILEI the Lord, let him be accursed (1 Cor. 16:22).

> FILEW seems to embody more of an affection between the related parties than
> it does of the self-sacrificial love so characteristic of God's love for
> those whom He loves.

        You cited several texts above which don't support this conclusion;
either you have read them with different spectacles or your point escapes me.
I do not discount the latter possibility, but I find my own bias at present is
believe the former.

> Peter in the context of John 21 seems not to be able to
> rise to the level of the divine self-sacrificial love since he has just
> miserably failed to live up to that. The Lord was able to teach him a
> valuable lesson and humble him for service. Peter could only respond with
> the affection love, "I like you a lot," not the "Though all these fall away,
> I will never fall away" self sacrificial love he earlier claimed.

        As I recall, Peter's exasperated reply was finally "Lord, you know."
This seems an appropriate reply at this juncture of this extended debate too

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