Date: Mon Jun 24 1996 - 11:31:05 EDT

Regarding Roy Blizzard's *Difficult Words of Jesus*:

I've seen Mr. Blizzard's book, and know *something* about him, having spent
much of my life in areas where Mr. Blizzard ministered (Texas and New Mexico).
Mr. Blizzard's book was very strong on pointing out Hebrew/OT parallels to
Jesus' words in the gospels (like the "dark eye" in Mt 6 and its parallels in
Prov 22.9, 23.6, 28.22), but very weak on *proving* that Jesus must have spoken
Hebrew rather than Aramaic or Greek. In fact, Mr. Blizzard has been known to
seriously complain about the New Testament being written in Greek rather than
Hebrew. Among the church people who know him, Mr. Blizzard is usually regarded
as a very intelligent eccentric.

Grace and peace,

Perry L. Stepp, Baylor University

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