John 21...What About The Sheep?

From: D. Anthony Storm (
Date: Tue Jun 25 1996 - 22:12:01 EDT

Lacking the expertise that many have on this list, I rarely post. But here goes.

There has been much talk on the distinctions, if any, between AGAP- and FIL-. However,
no one on this thread has (I think) addressed in any detail the fact that the
evangelist also arises the words for sheep and the tending of sheep. Should we not
explore this as well?

As much as I want to be a responsible and exacting exegete, properly discerning the
nuances (if any) of these word groups, I wonder if the variation in vocabulary is
merely one of style? Even if we can distinguish different types of love, what are we
to make of lambs vs. sheep and different words for the tending of them. It seems that
if exegetes wish to see a distinction in one set of words, they must see it in the
other two sets as well. What would those be?

Enter the experts.
(I now humbly return to lurk mode).

D. Anthony Storm, CUNY, Graduate Center
"C'est le coeur qui sent Dieu et non la raison." Pascal

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