Sabbasi etc.

Date: Fri Jun 28 1996 - 16:22:34 EDT

Carlton Winbery has already answered the quesiton about Sabbasi in the main,
but I would add that "heteroclitic" means that the word is declined "differ-
ently". Normally this means that a word has two different stems (third declen-
sion and 2nd or 1st declension) and has the same form in the nominative sing-
ular (as in the word SKOTOS), but Sabbat would only have two stems in the arti-
ficial sense that it acquired them in the borrowing process.

Edgar Krentz and others have made very interesting and provocative comments
about the education process. I would applaud most of what has been said, but
also plead--in a similar fashion to Greg Cary--that anyone considering such
studies not be scared off by what they read here. We are probably all playing
catch up in one or more areas. I can contribute to the horror stories by noting
that it took me upwards of ten years to do my classical studies, and then
I discovered that most seminaries saw little or no value in them. A former
colleague at one seminary who considered himself very well educated even told
his students that modern scholars have no interest in church fathers before
Luther (not his exact words, but the substance of them, I think). It seems
that what one has to know to get a teaching position often has little or no
relationship to what one has to know to be truly educated.

Finally, I apologize for asking about this, but do all of us receive digests
of the comments on this list, as opposed to direct comments? I only get the
digests, not individual postings, so could it be I have not subscribed proper-
ly? Please advise me offline, anyone who can.

Don Wilkins
UC Riverside

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