Re: Lexicons for Josephus and LXX

From: Kenneth Litwak (
Date: Fri Jun 28 1996 - 20:13:48 EDT

> I am spending some time this summer reading in Josephus and the LXX, what
> suggests does the list have for a lexicon? BAGD obviously isn't made for
> this, and LSJ is a biit hefty. Is there anything that is written for
> Hellenistic Greek?
> I have been using Persus, but I can't take my computer/modem/internet
> conntection with me wherever I go! (But I'd like to...)
> Phil
   I don't think there's a way around LSJ Phil at the moment (until you can get
it on a CD at least, which I have heard is in-process). It is ratgher hefy.
After a few weeks of using it I really needed my chiropractor, but that's the way
it goes. As for the LXX, I really like the LUst, et al, LXX Lexicon available
from the American Bible Society. WHen I last checked only Alpha-Lambda was
available, but the other half was supposed to be out by now. It's lightweight,
small, and seemed pretty good to me, certainly faster and at least as accurate,
I think, as LSJ, and often there is more info on Hebrew equivalents it seemed to

Ken Litwak
Berserkely, CA (As one person signature line on another list I belong to noted,
"two big things have come out of Berkeley: UNIX and LSD. There must be
a connection").

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