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Date: Sat Jun 29 1996 - 19:08:25 EDT

Phil wrote:
>I am spending some time this summer reading in Josephus and the LXX, what
>suggests does the list have for a lexicon? BAGD obviously isn't made for
>this, and LSJ is a bit hefty. Is there anything that is written for
>Hellenistic Greek?
>>I have been using Persus, but I can't take my computer/modem/internet
>conntection with me wherever I go! (But I'd like to...)>
   The smaller form of the "abridged" Liddel & Scott (804 pages) is not too
expensive (about $18?) and is a fairly handy size (6" x 7-1/2" x 1-3/8"),
and is remarkably thorough in coverage (somewhat like Miriam Webster's
Collegiate dictionary, which is based on the exhaustive Webster's Third Ed.
-- but it is a handier size than the Collegiate) (I don't recommend the
"intermediate" L&S; it's bigger and more expensive without adding much
additional info -- the opinion of some classics profs I know.)
  I found the "abridged" L&S very useful for looking up words found in the
LXX. It also the standard lexicon to use with the corpus of Greek
literature from Homer thru Hellenistic times. (The preface, written 1871,
says that the abridgement includes the words used by authors read in
Schools [meaning Homer and the golden age of Greek Lit.]. . . And adds that
"words used by Theocritus, the writers of the Anthology, Lucian, and
Plutarch in his Lives, have been retained; and especial care has been taken
to explain all words contained in the New Testament."
  I have owned the "abridged" since 1965; I don't know of any other
handy-sized lexicon in English that could come close to it. I probably use
it more often than any of my other greek lexica I own. (and for 20 years
have thought about buying the Big L&S; but now that the big L&S can be
accessed thru the Web Perseus site, I don't think I shall buy the printed
  Best wishes in your studies.

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