Re: Php 2:6

Date: Tue Jun 25 1996 - 13:36:52 EDT

>>So, are we not safe in saying that 'equality with God' is not the
     subject of the articulated, 'preposition-less' copulative infinitive
     TO EINAI at Php 2:6? (As the anarthrous phrase >>ISA THEOi<< stands
     in the text, it functions as the infinitive's predicate adjective.)<<
     I had a slight difficulty following some of the words, but is the
     following what your question is?
     1) "he gave thought to no usurpation, namely that he should be equal
     to God"
     2) "he gave no thought that equality with God should be a usurpation"
     1) is preferred to 2) because "equality with God" is not the subject
     of eimi, but rather the object?
     Wes Williams

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