Re: Rom 1:17

From: akio itou (
Date: Mon Jul 22 1996 - 21:43:34 EDT

Dear Greeks!
Personally I have found R.B. Hays' interpretation of Rom 1:17 convincing.
According to him, *EK PISTEWS EIS PISTIN* means that 'out of Christ's
faithfulness into human faith'. Moreover, he argues for the christological
intepretation of Hab. 2:4b, i.e. Paul takes *HO DIKAIOS* as referring to
Christ.This interpretation has a certain advantage since two *EK PISTEWS*
in the same verse can be understood precisely in the same sense.
 In summary (if I understand him correctly), his interpretation of Rom.
1:17 reads as:
For the righteousness of God is being revealed in it out of Christ's
faithfulness into humn faith, as it is written, 'But the righteous one,
i.e. Christ will live out of his own faithfulness.'
I am sure that this does not command unanimous consent, whichi simply
proves its ambiguity or difficluty of the verse.


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