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From: David L. Moore (
Date: Mon Jul 29 1996 - 10:50:21 EDT

Rod Decker wrote:
> > I also notice that the Perseus site does give one the option of
> >entering queries in Beta Code (CCAT standard) which uses X for Chi and C
> >for Xi. The site also gives one the option of using a system that
> >includes digraphs or a greek font which they supply.
> >
> > I'm still wondering if, as a scholarly exercise, it is not
> >worthwhile to learn the Beta Code system, since one encounters it in so
> >many different places.
> Perhaps I missed earlier discussion (I just got back on line last week
> after a cross-country move), but the reference to "the Perseus site does
> give one the option of entering queries" is intriguing. Is there a www site
> that enables queries of Greek text? Any info would be appreciated.

        Yes, Perseus does. Their site includes a link to download the
Silver Mountain Software font SGreek, and queries can be entered in that
font by setting that as your fixed-width font and setting the perseus
display to "Greek." They have a considerable corpus available for search
- especially classical authors - although the Koine period is also
represented (Plutarch). Queries can be entered both for individual words
and for phrases.

        There are a couple of links to Perseus on my web site whose URL
appears below. Look under "Linguistic Resources" or something of the


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