Re: John 15:15 DOULOUS "As servants"

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Fri Aug 02 1996 - 13:03:18 EDT


Thanks for the help! As you imply, most translations say "No longer do I call
you servants". But I'm still having a hard time parsing it.

You suggest this parsing:

OUKETI - adv. modifies LEGW "no longer"
LEGW - vb. 1s pres act ind of LEGW "I say, speak, etc."
hUMAS - pron. acc 2p, subj of [EINAI] "you"
[EINAI] - vb. pres act inf of EIMI, obj of LEGW "[to be]"
DOULOUS - n. acc p of DOULOS, cmplmt of [EINAI] "slaves"

I may be in this way over my head, since I haven't learned the grammar of
infinitives yet...but I don't understand why Doulos would be accusative here.
Compare this to John 10:34, which says "EGW EIPA QEOI ESTE". QEOI is nominative.

Incidentally, a quick search reveals that this is the only use of LEGW UMAS in
the New Testament. LEGW in the Gospels is generally paired with UMIN, sometimes
with SOI, sometimes with OTI. Other phrases are much less common.


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