Re: Have you ever _used_ Greek pronunciation

From: Jack Kilmon (
Date: Sat Aug 03 1996 - 17:16:15 EDT

Nichael Lynn Cramer wrote:

> Anyway, what I was wondering is has anyone ever had an opportunity of
> communicating with a stranger --i.e. not a colleague or a student or
> teacher-- through Koine/NT Greek?
> The recent thread over NT Greek pronunciation has brought to mind a long
> time fantasy: I find myself in an airport or on a ship next to a stranger.
> After a few attempts at conversation we finally establish that we share no
> common language (that is, he speaks 14 languages fluently --I speak only
> English). However we then realize that we both have a reasonable working
> knowledge of NT Greek and so are able to pass a pleasant --albeit
> stumbling-- half-hour in conversation ("So, how old is your daughter?") in
> NT Greek.
> Has anything of this sort every happened to anyone here?
> Nichael
> __
> Be as passersby -- IC

Actually, this did happen to me. I was a young man in Athens for the first time with a
fair background in Koine and beginning Modern Greek. In conversations with relatives of
a Greek Friend in the Athens suburbs, my Greek was a mixture. Everyone who talked with
me thought I was from the Island of Samos! :)

Jack Kilmon

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