returned mail

From: Mike Phillips (
Date: Thu Aug 08 1996 - 17:25:01 EDT

Note: If you receive mail like this, from (for
example) <quote>

Message "Re: John 8:58 (longish)", sent at 14:42 EDT on 08-Aug-96, could
not be delivered to [73642,402] at 14:45 EDT on 08-Aug-96 because the
recipient will not accept messages from internet.


It means that one of the subscribers (73642, to be exact) to
the list has bounced mail intended for him/her from the
listserv or majordomo. This is to say, that your message made it to the list
fine, but could not be delivered to a particular list member (whose address the
moderator would do well to eliminate from b-greek at this juncture).

Mike Phillips

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it is the skin of living thought and changes from day
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