Re: Pronunciation: experience report

From: Hubert Arthur Bahr III (
Date: Tue Aug 13 1996 - 20:09:38 EDT

Jonathan Robie wrote:
. . .
Erasmian pronunciation instead of my modern Greek pronunciation.
. . .
There is one great advantage: I can keep unfamiliar words in my head
much better. Suddenly, if I need to look up a word, I can look at it
once, then look it up in the lexicon. That saves me lots of time, since
I use the lexicon a lot. And no more confusing hHMEIS and hUMEIS when
quoting from memory! These advantages have convinced me to keep with the
Erasmian pronunciation.
. . .
I still do like the sound of modern Greek.
> Jonathan

I think you have discovered the one redeeming feature of Erasmian
pronunciation (it's phonetic). I can only hope there is never an
"Erasmian" pronunciation of English.

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