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> b-greek-digest Tuesday, 13 August 1996 Volume 01
> Number 329>
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> > re: Assumptions

> From: Mike Phillips <mphilli3@mail.tds.net>
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> Subject: re: Assumptions
> > From: "KULIKOVSKY, Andrew" <AKULIKOV@baea.com.au>, on 8/13/96
> 1:27 PM:> > Fellow B-Greekers,
> > I don not believe that it is possible for a person (no matter
who> > they are) to be completely unbiased and completely
objective.> > We can not get away from our preconceptions but we
should> > at BE AWARE OF THEM.
> I believe I have taken great pains to make this evident in
my> posts,> Andrew.
> > " Then again, so was John (or whoever) in the telling
> > of this (ideal) tale."
> Which I own, and note the () denotes my own assumption.
> > I get the impression that many people think only evangelicals
> have> > theological baggage - that is not true - EVERYONE HAS
> I believe this has been clearly expressed in my posts
(which> you seem> to have the most problem with) and wonder why you
weren't able to> discern my> admissions of bias which I include
overtly and without hesitation?
> > Recently someone posted a note saying that they didn't agree
with> > much of what was being said about John 8:58 and wouldn't
comment> > on it because 'most of the "exegesis" happening
surrounding this> verse> > (here) is decidedly theological and
decidedly "agenda driven."'
> > Now I think this is most definitely an unfair statement.

There never was a secondly <G>

        Have you read any of the following posts, Andrew? I
actually> gave my> own analysis, and included a disclaimer, i.e.,
your mileage may> vary. I really> am at a loss to understand your
failure to see plain statements in> these posts> which clearly and
succinctly disallow your charge? I honestly can't> understand
> how you could have arrived at the conclusion you do. You are
> welcome to your> opinion, Andrew, but I can only say that I made
every conceivable> effort to> make clear my own bias, my own
agenda, and my own (possible)

And on and on and on and on.....

Fellas, please (Comon' your grown men).
Can we move on now?
Lets go!

> your concerns, as your chagrin is entirely of your own doing in
this> particular> instance.
      First this^
Then this:
> The best to you and to your house, in the name of Jesus our Lord,
> Mike Phillips

"Well, alot of people asked me why I wrote that book or any book.
All the stories I wrote were true because I believed in what I
saw." -Jack Kerouac

"Well, alot of people asked me why I wrote that book or any book.
All the stories I wrote were true because I believed in what I
saw." -Jack Kerouac

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