Re: Character Assasinations and B-Greek

From: Mark OBrien (
Date: Thu Aug 15 1996 - 14:38:06 EDT

Wes Williams wrote:
> If the Pope, Martin Luther, John Calvin, or the leader(s) of any
> other religious group made a statement about the Greek New
> Testament with which I did not agree theologically, I might take
> issue with the statement in particular and its Greek
> on B-Greek and get constructive criticism/ feedback regarding
> the statement in particular. That is one thing. However, if I
> instead made a highly debatable statement regarding the Pope,
> Luther, Calvin, Jehovah's Witnesses, Assembly of God, Latter
> Day Saints or the religion of whomever in an attempt to discredit
> the theology they represent in order to advance my own ideas,
> that is quite another. It would not only reveal my motive and
> argument weakness, but it would make a statement about me as
> a person.

Perhaps it might be advisable to read a little more Luther in order to prepare
one for a little vigorous debate which sometimes encompasses a little personal
insult... <G>! Just a frivolous thought...

BTW... this is my first and last posting on this topic! Pax...

Mark O'Brien
Dallas Theological Seminary

"Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking
that makes what we read ours."
     -John Locke, 1706-

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