Re: John 8:58 - The Issues For B-Greek to Resolve

From: Douglas A Peloquin (
Date: Fri Aug 16 1996 - 06:21:46 EDT

On Thu, 15 Aug 1996 17:19:15 -0700 Mike Phillips <>

> Occam's razor suggests we don't multiply entities unnecessarily.
>evidence suits the scenario. A desire to multiply entities
unnecessarily in
>this instance is theologically driven. All of these suppositions about
>"the Jews _obviously_ heard" is simply fictional, and the Greek here
>resolve the issues because (1) we don't know the original account which
>have an historical seed of truth; (2) we don't have the original author
>cross examine as to intent (why does this account occur here?) in his
>the story at this juncture; (3) we can't know how the original account
>subsequently edited for the convenience of a given theological position
>like that never happened in 2000 years of Church history).

However, these conclusions are based upon *Theological presuppositions*
and not the text directly. My faith and convictions presuppose Divine,
plenary, verbal inerrant inspiration and preservation of the text. Thus,
my theological presuppositions entirely discount these arguments.

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