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From: Paul A. Miller (pmiller@gramcord.org)
Date: Sat Aug 17 1996 - 00:56:44 EDT

I usually communicate directly with individual participants when The
GRAMCORD Institute is mentioned on the list -- not wanting to interrupt the
flow of the various discussion threads -- but several recent emails have
prompted me to briefly "step up to the microphone." In response to those
emails from list members, I just wanted to say that I DO indeed read or
browse all B-Greek postings daily and respond to GRAMCORD-related issues
off-list. Thus, for those of you who so courteously forward B-Greek postings
to me with the introduction, "Paul, could the GRAMCORD Institute help this
person and/or address the following matter?", I just wanted you to know that
I have usually already read the relevant post and responded where
appropriate. (But I DO indeed appreciate such helpful gestures.)


Concerning the B-Greek archive, because of other pressing projects weighing
upon my time -- as well as various technical and legal issues -- we have not
yet implemented the fully-searchable B-Greek archives feature on our
GRAMCORD Institute webpage.

Although I was a university computer science professor before I was a
seminary professor, none of my technical background was in a UNIX
environment. Also, I originally had some "UNIX volunteers" to help with the
archive but none were able to devote the time necessary to set up the
facility with the features we had originally envisioned.

I had at least planned to upload a month-by-month collection of simple
zip-file archives for anyone to download and search off-line. However, I
have received a few emails that have given me pause -- especially in this
day of runaway litigation. (1) Some Internet list participants feel that
their "contributions" are works-of-authorship submitted for immediate
distribution only and should NOT be archived [and stored long-term for
searching] because that is a "different purpose" than what they had
originally intended. (2) Some list participants wish to edit or remove all
or part of their contribution after the fact [sort of like the
"Congressional Record" in Washington]. Because of the "conversational" and
sometimes "intense" nature of a list's discussions, I can sympathize with
that wish .... but in trying to provide a free service [that is, in fact,
NOT without cost to the Institute], having to daily edit the archive just
isn't practical or possible. I have no perfect solution to these issues (but
am open to suggestions and opinions).

NEVERTHELESS, I have wanted to get back to the archive project and have
proposed to James Tauber (who recently announced that he could no longer
maintain the B-Greek archive in Australia) that the GRAMCORD Institute will
furnish the disk space and some funding for a new B-Greek archive, but that
we could use some technical assistance to do so optimally.

I will inform the list of any developments with this project.

By the way, for up-to-date announcements concerning GRAMCORD Institute
projects and software, please visit our website at http://www.GRAMCORD.org.
(To keep current by email, you may simply load our webpage and subscribe to
the URL Update Notification Service. You will be contacted by email whenever
we post a new announcement or our webpage changes.)

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