LaSor inquiry

From: Sean M. Kelly (
Date: Mon Aug 19 1996 - 07:28:04 EDT

Hello friends,
I have had some experience and exposure with W.S.LaSor's "Handbook of New
Testament Greek" 2 vol. He uses an inductive approach which I have found
to be exceptionally thorough and comprehensive. Dr. LaSor has
unfortunately, as far as I know, gone to be with the Lord, but his
language teaching methodology lives on. (He also published books on
Hebrew et al.)
I have found his textbooks to be much work but very effective. (I have
also taken a year of Greek in the classical method) LaSor stresses not
learning paradigms but observing how the language works and observing
morphological changes. Which allows me to often parse verbs,
participles, etc. accurately without having to mentally run through an
artificial paradigm. (I often couldn't give you a paradigm!) I am
wondering if any of you have encountered LaSor's methodology or if you
learned from anyone who has. I am still far from a master in Greek and I
have yet to finish LaSor. Any feedback? Insights? Just wondering.

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