Re: John 8:58, <ego eimi> & <aiwnios>

From: Alan Repurk (
Date: Tue Aug 20 1996 - 19:55:40 EDT

> The other part being a deliberate reference back to God's
> self-designation in Exodus 3.
> -- Ron Henzel
It is my understanding that the posters on this thread have
examined the relationship between John 8:58 and Exodus 3:14
and have concluded that no relationship exists.
Exodus 3:14 contains an obvious predicate (HO WN) and therefore
cannot point to an identity. Also, as already posted, some other
translations of the LXX use "EGO ESOMAI" (I will be) to reflect the
Hebrew grammar and not "EGO EIMI."
So what is your mechanism for linking John 8:58 with Exodus 3:14 ?
And please stick to the specific subject of Ex. 3:14.


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