Mark 6:43

Date: Tue Aug 20 1996 - 17:01:33 EDT

Dear B-Greekers:

This verse, as it stands in UBS 4/NA 27, seems a bit unique syntactically

43 (w/t accents) ...hran klasmata dwdeka kophinwn plhrwmata..."
Lit: "they took up fragments 12 of baskets fulnesses/fillings"

I would be interested in the uses you (pl) would assign to each of the
following words:


My present inclination is to take klasmata as the direct object, plhrwmata as
an apposition to klasmata, and to consider kophinwn either a genitive of
measurement (indicating how much there was) or as an objective genitive
(focusing on the "event" component of plhrwmata).

Your comments?

Philip Brown

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