How do I get from the text to the grammar?

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Wed Aug 21 1996 - 09:48:51 EDT


When I read the GNT, I have a lot of questions which are all
of the form, "How do I interpret this aspect of the grammar in
this particular text", e.g. "why is this particible aorist",
"why is this pronoun accusative instead of genitive", etc. Being
self-taught, some of these are elementary questions, and I really
have no idea which of my questions are elementary.

Is there some way that I should be able to look these things up?
Once I get to the right page of the right grammar, many of these
questions are cleared up, but it is hard to find the right page.

I find Reinickers "Linguistic Keys" and Robertson's "Word Pictures"
very helpful, but they often fail to comment on the constructions
that I find most interesting or confusing. I need something one
level up from the morphological database. For instance, in John 15:15,
I can see that hUMAS and DOULOUS are accusative in the phrase
OUKETI LEGW hUMAS DOULOUS, but I didn't know about the double
accusative (even though I had read that page in my grammar earlier).
I need something that points out these kinds of constructions.

Incidentally, here is my current toolbox:

        GNT: UBS 3rd
        Morphological GNT: CCATT (for parsing help)
        Lexicon: BAGD
        Grammars: Young, Robertson, BDR, Machen
        Parsing help: Reinicker, Robertson's Word Pictures



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