Re: A Saturday Afternoon Suggestion [was: Transliteration: re-post]

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Sat Aug 24 1996 - 17:18:17 EDT

At 12:50 PM -0500 8/24/96, Nichael Lynn Cramer wrote:
>Given the "look-alike problem" (i.e. "X" as Xi/Chi) might it be useful to
>use "3" for Xi. This has the virtue of also being a rough "look-alike" (at
>least in the right font) without the possiblility of confusion.

Unfortunately, this "3" looks even more like a script Zeta.

>(On a similar note, we might suggest "8" for Omega, although "Q" has no
>similar problem of confusion.)

I thought we were using Q for Theta. Did you perhaps mean that "W" has no
similar problem of confusion?

And thanks for the Saturday afternoon distraction, Nichael. The Saturday
NYT crossword is pretty daunting.

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