Re: Bellinzoni[ed],The Two Source Hyopothesis

From: Stephen C. Carlson (
Date: Sun Aug 25 1996 - 23:09:38 EDT

At 11:39 8/24/96 +0400, Carlton L. Winbery wrote:
>Hence we probably need a forum for arguing the various positions on gospel
>relationships. However, to do the detailed analysis that it would take to
>deal with the 2 Notebook proposal would overload (in my opinion) this forum
>that is primarily grammatical and linquistic (especially considering the
>fact that we have the opportunity to tape into the wealth of information of
>the classical scholars in our midst).

It is unfortunate that there is no appropriate forum to discuss these
matters in detail -- not B-GREEK [Biblical Greek grammar and vocabulary],
not TC-LIST [textual, lower, criticism], not Crosstalk [Historical Jesus],
not ELENCUS [patristics], and not Ioudaios-L [first century Hellenistic
Judaism] -- although from time to time the Synoptic Problem does become
relevant, as well as other questions higher criticism deals with: e.g.,
authorship, dating, pseudepigraphy, source criticism, form criticism,
and redaction criticism. Do we need a list for higher criticism?

Stephen Carlson

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