Re: Romans 2:14(a)

From: Eric Weiss (
Date: Mon Aug 26 1996 - 10:04:29 EDT

I can't comment on what word FUSEI in Romans 2:14(a) should go with, but I
don't think Cranfield's translation of FUSEI as "by birth" is outrageous. In
fact, I think that is how Paul uses it in Galatians 2:15:

                OUK EX EQNWN hAMARTWLOI

We [are] by-nature Jews
[we are] not from-gentiles sinners

I know it seems natural to take "Jews" as being contrasted with "gentiles"
rather than with "sinners," but if Paul was equating being a "gentile" with
being a "sinner" (which I think he was doing here--not that he necessarily
believed that himself anymore, but I think that was a Jewish view at the
time), then the phrase "from-gentiles" contrasts with FUSEI.

"We who are by our birth Jews and who are not, by having been born gentiles,

Anyway, it's just a thought.

Eric Weiss

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