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Date: Wed Aug 28 1996 - 13:49:11 EDT

I like to put my 2 cents worth on the quick Greek issue.

I have been learning Greek for just over a year now
and have loved every minute of it - I'm sure I'll still be
learning in 30 years from now - there is so much to
know and learn.

I did my greek course at Pacific College in Melbourne (by
correspondence). The first thing I did was learn the greek
alphabet. Then I started on cases and their meaning,
then tenses, voice. mood etc and their meaning and then we
started translating using a very simple sentence (subject/predicate)
diagramming model which was expanded when new grammatical
elements such as participles, infinitives, adjectives, adverbs,
genative absolutes etc. were covered. I did NO vocab learning or
parsing. I did many, many translation exercises using the Freiberg's
Analytical GNT and Mounce's Analytical lexicon and with constant
reference to Carlton Winbery's and James Brookes' Syntax of NT Greek.
This meant that I could concentrate on reading and translating NT
passages and practise exegeting them. While I was doing this I
also read Linguistics for Students of NT Greek by David Alan Black,
which I highly recommend.

Through reading Blacks book I have taken a great interest in
linguistics and discourse analysis. I have read Biblical Words and
the Meaning by Silva, Semantics of NT Greek by Louw, and Style
and Discourse by Louw, Nida, Snyman and Cronje.

I am now currently (almost finished) working my way through Dobson's
Learn NT Greek, and am gradually building my vocab and learning
to parse correctly and read directly from the NT and UNDERSTAND
what I am reading.

I have found that I have learnt much in a short space of time by doing
Greek this way, but I have really only just scratched the surface - I am
still no Greek expert - much more to learn yet.

Has anyone else learned Greek in a similar way?


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