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From: Gregory Bloomquist 3027 (GBLOOMQUIST@spu.stpaul.uottawa.ca)
Date: Thu Aug 29 1996 - 15:50:08 EDT

Further response from ACTS-L

Greg B.
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Both "laying" and "receiving" are imperfects. Knowling notes, "Both verbs
may therefore simply indicate the continuous administration of the laying on
of the hands x and the continuous supernatureal result (not necessarily
external manifestations) which followed upon this action."

See also "baptize" in v. 12 and 18.8.

>>Simply put, it is narrative flow which demands
the imperfect, not anything theological.

I'm inclined to see this; but it is deeply theological for Luke. But I think
you are right in not wanting to build too much on grammatical construction.
 One would have to look at all of Luke's imperfects to get a feel for how he
uses that tense and that still would not set before us all his options.

I'll leave this for those with more leisure to pursue such things.

Stan Helton
New Orleans

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