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From: Bill Mounce (
Date: Thu Aug 29 1996 - 19:10:35 EDT

>I understand that Bill Mounce is working on a "baby Greek" grammar. If you
>are out there, Mr. (Dr.?) Mounce, I'd/we'd be curious as to what you believe
>is minimally essential in such a textbook (and also when your textbook might
>be ready).

Yes, I am working on Baby Greek and a "new" Bible to go with it. Should be
done next year some time. I think you can do two good things in this

1. Word Studies done properly.
2. Learn enough grammar (no memory work) to be able to follow a good commentary.

The rest of the time I will spend making sure the students realize the
limitations of the approach.

Bill Mounce

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