lLuke 14:34

From: Rev. Mark Creighton (u1005172@warwick.net)
Date: Thu Aug 29 1996 - 17:54:21 EDT

> To all you Greek Scholars,
> Luke 14:34 kalon oun alas. ean de kai to alas morantha, en tini
> aptuthasetai.
> Now salt is good, but if in fact the saly has been made ineffective, how
> sahll it be seasoned?
> -In this context the good salt refers to the Christin disciple, mature
> Christian who has reflected the glorious light of the gospel of Christ.
> In this verse is there a third class condition?
> What is the result if the salt that was once good becomes ineffective?
> Can this salt be returned to its former effectiveness?
> What part does the future passive play here?

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