Re: preachers and Greek

From: A. Brent Hudson (
Date: Sat Aug 31 1996 - 11:07:42 EDT

I am a preacher as well as a student and I think that regularity of study is essential for all areas where memory is key. Most of us must battle with We forget so quickly! I am also a musician and while I do not practice my instrument daily, I do practice regularly. One technique that I have found useful in music is visualization; even when I do not have my instrument with me I can go over some pieces in my head. I use this same technique for Greek when I am held up in traffic or otherwise delayed somewhere without access to a Grammar. I just go over the paradigms in my head (or if am alone reciting them orally). I have found this technique quite helpful for reviewing stuff I have already committed to memory. (Warning: I DO NOT recommend this technique be used in board meetings (although I have thought about it plenty)).

On the matter of vocabulary, I memorized Metzger's lists (>10) and still continue to memorize vocab in context. One aid for this is Sakae Kubo's _Reader's Lexicon_ since the words occur in easy to memorize lists. I would challenge anyone who is serious about Greek and has already memorized all words >50 to consider this exercise. It is a great feeling to read the Greek text without constantly searching a lexicon. For expositors, I recommend memorizing the vocab of their main NT sermon text *every week.* It doesn't take long for this to significantly increase one's ability in the language.

 Brent Hudson

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