TLG browser

Date: Mon Sep 02 1996 - 23:11:54 EDT

I've been developing a new Mac program to browse and search the TLG, etc. and
I think it is now ready for some testing. It is very incomplete and probably
buggy (an "alpha" version) but might prove to be useful. For example, it can
do global searches of single words and phrases very quickly (depending on the
query) and has a fairly standard scrolling mechanism, unlike Pandora. It can
also link in to the Perseus web site and retrieve morphological information
when the user double-clicks on a word in the text. What I would like to do is
mail a binhex version to a few people with Macs and access to the TLG_D CD,
so if anyone is interested please e-mail me off list and I'll provide more

Don Wilkins
UC Riverside

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