From: A K M Adam (F49ADAM@ptsmail.ptsem.edu)
Date: Tue Sep 03 1996 - 07:16:44 EDT

Dear Carl,

I want to thank you offlist for your helpful comments on memorizing and lexica. I have been
abstaining from the "mine's-bigger-than-yours" memorization thread, partly (I must admit) because
mine is relatively small; any comment from me would sound like whining.

It does seem to me, however, that a commendable approach to vocabulary acquisition places a lower
value on brute memorization of monovalent definitions (not to knock my colleague Bruce Metzger's
word-lists; he would be first to acknowledge that memorizing his glosses is no substitute for using a
good lexicon). Instead, if one reads broadly and carefully, one will learn how words actually are
used, and one will then be better situated to appreciate the import of the Greek.

Anyway, that's my lepton's worth.

grace and peace,

A K M Adam (Akma)
Princeton Theological Seminary

"To translate is human; to parse, divine"

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