Wallace's Grammar

From: Dale M. Wheeler (dalemw@teleport.com)
Date: Thu Sep 05 1996 - 12:38:15 EDT

Mike Phillips wrote:

> Could you (re)post the specifics regarding Wallace's syntax (ISBN and
>publisher) so that I might acquire it (or at least dream of same with some
>substantive information to prevent imagination from being superfluous) <wink>.

This is a BRAND new book from Zondervan, by Dan Wallace (a bgreek lurker
himself...hi Dan !) entitled Greek Grammar: Beyond the Basics. I note in
passing that some folks have complained that its too long and detailed; my
experience for the last 10 years in using the Syntax Notes which led up
to this book is that it is the kind of resource that readers and interpreters
of the Greek NT will use the rest of their lives. I don't try to make my
students learn every example and footnote, just the basics which they would
learn in any other syntax class. But if they need more clarification, examples
which are relevant to interpretation, etc., its all right there. He has
interacted with and incorporated much of what Fanning has written on the verb,
and I think you won't find a better discussion of the uses and non-uses of the

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