Aorist Imperative form of Mark 1:3

From: Mike Phillips (
Date: Tue Sep 03 1996 - 10:32:37 EDT

        I have attempted to understand the import of an Aorist Imperative form,
i.e., Mark 1:3, ETOIMASATE (Prepare ye). Having read Dana and Mantey, and
Zurwick, I think I have an idea (a glimmer, at least) of the difference between
an aorist imperative and a present imperative, however, I want to know if there
are nuances to the Aorist Imperative as their are nuances to the Aorist -- by
which I mean, can an Aorist Imperative express Constative, Ingressive, or
Culminative Aorist nuance? Gnomic, Epistolary or Dramatic? (Using D&M's
categories). If so, which would Mark 1:3's ETOIMASATE most likely be (I
suppose I should say I'm parsing this as an Active Aorist Imperative 2nd Plural
in case my attempt here is a complete waste of time based upon a prior error).
        Different Question: Would Zerwick's categories, aligned with D&M's look

(D&M) Constative = Global (Z)
(D&M) Ingressive = Inceptive (Z)
(D&M) Culminative = Effective (Z)

Gnomic is the same in both...
I am aware that (D&M) Dramatic = Proleptic (Z) since Z says as much...
Z does not address the Epistolary Aorist or seem to have a counterpart. Any
explanation for this?

Mike Phillips

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