Re: Aorist Imperative form of Mark 1:3

From: Mike Phillips (
Date: Thu Sep 05 1996 - 01:11:53 EDT

> From: "Dale M. Wheeler" <>, on 9/4/96 9:28 AM:
> Applied to Mark 1:3, the point is that the Aorist is giving a specific
> to be followed in a specific situation, that's all.

        Thank you. Your explanation helped a great deal (as well as the
examples accompanying same).

> > Different Question: Would Zerwick's categories, aligned with D&M's look
> >like:
> >
> >(D&M) Constative = Global (Z)
> >(D&M) Ingressive = Inceptive (Z)
> >(D&M) Culminative = Effective (Z)
> >
> >Gnomic is the same in both...
> >I am aware that (D&M) Dramatic = Proleptic (Z) since Z says as much...
> >Z does not address the Epistolary Aorist or seem to have a counterpart.
> >explanation for this?
> The answer to this is yes; these are the terms used in different grammars
> (not just Zerwick and D&M) for the same thing; a nice feature of Wallace's
> new Syntax (which I highly recommend, btw) is to list all the terms used by
> various grammarians for each category.

        Again, many thanks. I was finding it difficult to assay (or rather, to
trust my own judgment) whether the two were finding different nuances within
the aorist (indicative) or the same nuances with differing terminology (which I
suspected). Thanks so much for your efforts.


Mike Phillips

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