RE: tense & aspect / action & states of being

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Mon Sep 09 1996 - 10:24:08 EDT

Don Wilkins wrote:

> Jonathan, since were dealing with tenses and moods in general,
> I can point to virtually any Greek source for examples. If you
> want, you might let me know what books you are most interested
> (or passages for that matter), and I could steer you to specific
> examples.

Don, over the last few days I've been paying much more attention to tenses and
moods in passages I've been reading, and I'm just beginning to see that! But I
would be very interested in your treatment of some of these examples.

> Narrative is probably most likely to show how the tenses of the
> indicative work (so gospels and Acts mainly),

I'm most familiar with the Greek of John so far, and to some extent with Mark
and Matthew. It might be nice to see something new. Perhaps you could choose a
passage from Acts which you find particularly illustrative? On the other hand,
seeing something new in a more familiar passage can also be helpful, so a
passage in John might also be interesting.

But really, choose any narrative passage which caught your attention, where you
have been excited about what you see. I'm sure that I could learn a great deal
from it.

> while didactic (the epistles) is more likely to show the uses of
> tenses in other moods.

Do you have any good examples from Galations? I'm just getting started on this



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