Re: NA27 & BHS

Date: Tue Sep 10 1996 - 00:34:55 EDT

  TO: Himilcon Carvalho
FROM: Harry J. Harm
DATE: 9 September 1996
  RE: NA27 & BHS

Dear Himilcon,

Greetings from the USA. CBD (Christian Book Distributors) lists the
following in their Academic Catalog Fall/Winter 1996:

    Biblia Sacra: Ultriusque Testamenti (BHS Hebrew O.T. plus NA27th
        Greek N.T., in one volume) American Bible Society, pp. 2384,
       # 5597 $64.95

They can be reached at (508) 977-5000, at
and at the following E-mail addresses:, and

I have done much business with them with no complaints although I have
not contacted them by E-mail.


Harry :{)


From: Himilcon Carvalho <>
Date: Mon, 9 Sep 1996 13:51:10 -0300
Subject: NA27 and BHS

Hello all,

Does anybody know the ISBN number of the jointly bound edition of the NA27
Greek New Testament (Nestle-Aland) and BHS (Hebrew Old Testament) , and
where can I find it (web, email or postal address)?

Thank you,

H. Carvalho
Himilcon de Castro Carvalho | INPE/MCT
email: | Av. dos Astronautas, 1758
phone: (+55)(123)25-6623 | Jd. da Granja - S. Jose dos Campos
fax: (+55)(123)41-1890 | CEP 12227-010 - SP - Brasil


From: "David L. Moore" <>
Date: Mon, 09 Sep 1996 13:51:15 -0400
Subject: Re: NA27 and BHS

    It is available from the American Bible Society, 1865 Broadway,
New York, N.Y. 10023, U.S.A. Their price on the item is US$89.95 plus
shipping and handling. The catalogue I have gives a stock number
which is #AGN105597, but I don't think that's an ISBN number. The
American Bible Society's fax number is 1-212-408-8765. You might find it
easier, however, to order the book through the Bible Society in Brazil.

- --
David L. Moore Director
Miami, Florida, USA Department of Education Southeastern Spanish District of the Assemblies of God


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