Re: NA27 and BHS

From: Eric Weiss (
Date: Fri Sep 20 1996 - 05:09:30 EDT

People are showing the ABS (publisher's) price for the NA27/BHS(4) as $89.95
and the CBD (retailer's/discounter's) price as $64.95. ABS used to sell it
direct (until 8/1/96) for $55.95 (I believe). CBD always costs more for ABS
materials than when ordering direct from ABS. The prices that are being
quoted are probably pre-8/1/96 prices from CBD catalogs and post-7/31/96
prices from ABS. I'm sure that after CBD runs out of its present supply (if
indeed it is selling them for only $64.95), the price will more than likely
be $99.95 or $105.95, while the ABS price will be $89.95. ABS raised the
prices 8/1/96 on almost all its Greek and Hebrew texts--the Greek NA Synopsis
went from $54.95 or $59.95 to $99.95, for example. Interestingly, Metzger's
textual commentary on UBS4 dropped $0.05 in price, from $22.00 to $21.95.

Happy Shopping!

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