2 Thess 2:6

From: Paul Dixon - Ladd Hill Bible Church (pauld@iclnet93.iclnet.org)
Date: Fri Sep 06 1996 - 01:15:47 EDT

I have been gone all day, so am just now getting to the email. Good to
see our discussion, Don, has been followed by others. In answer to your
main question, Don, it might help if I just quote from my article, "The
Evil Restrainer in 2 Thess 2:6," (JETS, Dec. 1990).

"In 2:6 the nearest verb is the immediately preceding OIDATE ("you
know"). If the purpose clause depends on it, then the translation would
become something like "and now what restrains you know, so that he may be
revealed in his own time." What, then, is the meaning?

It is difficult to distinguish between purpose and result here. Perhaps
both are present. The divine purpose behind their present knowledge of
the restraining mystery of lawlessness already at work (v. 7) was the
setting of the stage for the revelation of the man of lawlessness so that
when his time came to be revealed they would know and recognize him. If
they then knew the lesser (mysterious) evil already at work, the
necessary result is their recognition of the greater evil, the man of
lawlessness, when his time comes to be revealed.

The point of the verse and of the whole passage, then, is to assure them
that the day of the Lord had not come because its coming is preceded by
the revelation of the man of lawlessness. He had not yet been revealed,
because if he had they would certainly have known it. That assurance is
based not only upon their remembrance of past Pauline instruction
concerning the details of the revelation-theman of lawlessness would be
revealed by his characteristic opposition to all that is called God (vv.
4-5)-but also upon an a fortiori argument based upon their present
knowledge of the lesser lawlessness. Because they knew and understood
the present working of lawlessness they would certainly recognize the
epitome of lawlessness itself when he is revealed by his abominable deeds
(v. 4) and Satanic activity "with all power and signs and false wonders,
and with all the deception of wickedness" (vv. 9-10)."

I hope this helps. This was the second of three points in favor of an
evil restrainer (over a good restrainer).

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