Re: A Question

Date: Sun Sep 08 1996 - 12:40:45 EDT

Dear Carl,
                How do you manage to respond to all these questions, both
carefully and wisely, while a new semester is beginning? I'm amazed, and a
little envious! Anyway, I thus make bold to take more of your time.
        The interminable argument over the "restrainer" in 2 Thess 2 had
already seemed to me a drug on the List, as well as containing far too much
self-advertising by Paul Dixon, when his response to David Moore appeared on
my screen. He asserts patent-rights to HIS thread, and orders David out of
the discussion unless he chooses to let Paul call the shots. This is
beyond the bounds as I see them.
        I don't want to go public on this unless others feel the same way.
In fact, even if they do, I don't like the flak which seems the weapon of
choice among many "evangelicals." Anyway, what do you think? Or do you
just type "DEL" when you see "2 Thess 2", and hope we all do?


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