From: Edward Hobbs (
Date: Sat Sep 07 1996 - 18:12:19 EDT

Jonathan Robie's reply to Ken Litwak on BDF/BDR brings up an interesting
point of scholarship. Debrunner's revision of Blass's grammar was THE
standard for NT Greek grammars for decades. (The first post-WWII edition
to arrive from Germany was my wife's engagement gift to me!) It has since
been revised by Rehkopf, which is now the most up-to-date (though not
really modern) grammar for NT grammarians. This is the edition which
Jonathan is using (and rightly referring to as BDR). Those who cannot read
German have been helped by Bob Funk's translation (and muddying) of the pre
-Rehkopf edition. A revision is in process, with some fine scholars at
work on it now; but it seems to be years in the future before we will have
it in hand.

Meanwhile, hurrah to Jonathan for using a better grammar than most of us
have in hand!

Edward Hobbs

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