Bible Windows 4.5 Released

From: John Baima (
Date: Fri Sep 13 1996 - 15:45:33 EDT

Silver Mountain Software is pleased to release Bible Windows 4.5.

New Internet Site
Silver Mountain Software now has an Internet Web site (
which has a demonstration version of Bible Windows. The demonstration
version includes the KJV for an English text, Jonah for the Hebrew Bible,
and 1 John for the Greek New Testament.

Bible Windows 4.5 adds links to Internet resources. Greek texts add links to
the Perseus Project and their complete Liddell & Scott Lexicon. Bible
Windows 4.5 also adds Internet links to various Bible translations on the

Webs of Links
Bible Windows 4.5 adds an extensible feature for adding webs of Bible links.
Version 4.5 has 3 sets of links for the Synoptic Parallels, Old Testament
quotes in the New Testament and Old Testament allusions in the New Testament.

And more!

See our web site or email me for more information.

John Baima
Silver Mountain Software 1029 Tanglewood Dr, Cedar Hill TX 75104-3019
Fax 214 293-6641 Voice 214 293-2920

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