Re: UBS rating of Mt. 19:9 variant

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Date: Thu Sep 12 1996 - 22:23:23 EDT

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>I'm still using the UBS text, 3rd edition, wherein Mt 19:9 is deemed to have
>not originally included the phrase KAI hO APOLELUMENHN GAMHSAS MOICATAI (he
>who has married her who has been put away commits adultery, w/ alternative
>variants) . According to the critical apparatus, the committee gave the
>reading, without this phrase, a "C" rating.
>I don't want to start a thread on an issue of textual criticism which I
>realize is outside the scope of this list. However, I wonder if someone could
>simply tell me if perhaps the rating was upgraded to a "B" rating in the
>fourth edition. (As you may discern, I'm doubting that the rating would have
>been downgraded, or the reading changed - but I could be surprised, couldn't

Yes, the reading was upgraded to a "B".

Stephen Carlson

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