Re: UBS rating of Mt. 19:9 variant

From: Stephen C. Carlson (
Date: Sat Sep 14 1996 - 23:56:09 EDT

At 05:40 9/13/96 -0700, Marty Brownfield wrote:
>> From: "Stephen C. Carlson" <>, on 9/12/96
>> Yes, the reading was upgraded to a "B".
>I'm still using UBS 3rd edition as well (the 4th edition's font seems to me to
>be an aquired taste), but is it really fair to say that the reading was
>"upgraded" from a C to a B, when the 3rd edition rates the readings on a scale
>of A to D and the 4th edition from A to C? Is this an "upgrade"? (I guess all D
>ratings were upgraded as well!)

The fourth edition says it still has the D rating, though it "occurs
only rarely" (p.3*), but I don't any examples of it. By the way, the
font of the second printing is quite an improvement over the first,
but still inferior to that of the third edition.

Stephen Carlson

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