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Subject: the "malakoi" in 1 Cor 6.9
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I have seen three interpretations of the "malakoi" in 1 Cor 6.9: (1) the
effeminate; (2) the "passive" partner in any homsexual relations, (3)
child prostitutes (or not prostitutes) in pederasty (without wider
reference to other homosexual action). In both of the latter cases (the
passive partner, or a child), the corresponding active/"male" partner
would presumably be the "arsenokoies". Which meaning of "malakoi" is the
most accurate? Can anyone cite passages where "malakos" is clarly either
"2" or "3"in specific contrast to the active homosexual partner (or adult
partner in pederasty) as "arsenekoites"?

Gordon Fee says that a totally different specific word existed for the
passive partner (or child prostitute), but Fee does not give the word.
Does anyone know what that specialized Greek word for child participant in
pederasty, or the "passive" partner in adult homosexuality, was? I'd
greatly appreciate help on this Juan Stam


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