RE: Why isn't BAPTIZW translated

From: Mike Phillips (
Date: Fri Sep 20 1996 - 19:06:55 EDT

> From: A K M Adam <>, on 9/20/96 9:31 AM:
> Among all the lexical ruminations, I found Carl's suggestion of "bathe" for
BAPTIZW most appealling;
> it certainly hints at the theological/technical usage of BAPTIZW, it does so
with an
> everyday-language word that fits BAPTIZW nicely, and it does so without
specifying how far under
> the water someone or something got, for how long. Thanks, Carl, for this and
all your help.

        This only provokes me to ask (perhaps unfairly) why Naaman was told to
LOUSAI in the Jordan seven times (wash) by Elisha rather than BAPTIZW in the
Jordan seven times? Any clues? Does BAPTIZW only take on religious / ritual
language in later times? Is it intentionally not a relgious / ritual act
because Naaman is (AS)Syrian? Yet, isn't it an act of obedience resulting in
new life (free from leprosy)? I have no answers, just questions. Any takers?

Mike Phillips

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