Re: (Fwd) Coordinate series in Acts 2:42

From: Gregory Bloomquist 3027 (GBLOOMQUIST@SPU.STPAUL.UOTTAWA.CA)
Date: Fri Sep 20 1996 - 07:52:23 EDT

> This is a very interesting observation. It has, nevertheless, been
> mentioned by other comentators. In his volume on Acts in the _Tyndale New
> Testament Commentaries_, I. Howard Marshall notes that "some scholars have
> found a parallelism between the four items in v. 42 and the contents of the
> ... sumary [represented by 2:43-47]" (Marshall, Acts, p. 84). He discounts
> the similarity, however, saying that the parallelism is not especially exact.
Thanks, David. Yes, I was pretty sure that someone else must have
observed the admittedly apparent connection between 2.42 and 2.43-27.
(I was lazy, I guess, in not pursuing it further!)

In any case, whether there is or isn't a connection will have to be
developed by more than just a simple rejection on Marshall's part. The
fact that at least three of the elements of 2.42 are subsequently
developed lexically -- rather than just thematically, which is always
a point of criticism in much parallelomania! -- is to me worth
probing. Furthermore, IF there is a connection, it suggests a
radical re-writing of our understanding of apostolic teaching, the
first element of 2.42.

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