Re. Proclaiming Christ, not yourself!

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Date: Sat Sep 21 1996 - 14:21:26 EDT

>Date: Fri, 20 Sep 1996 19:25:16 -0400
>Subject: Proclaiming Christ, not yourself!

>I think the finest warning about such selftrumpeting (warned against here) is
>Ed Goodrich's visionary classic "Do it Yourself Greek and Hebrew." There is
>a section called "the exegete and his temptaion" that is just brilliant. How
>anyone can be so funny, so right, and so ontrack about the usually dull
>subject of classic languages, I just don't know how he did it. Y'all should
>check it out! I think its from Multnomah Press.

I'd be interested to read the section you mention, but I don't find one by
that title or description in my copy of Goodrick (Zondervan/Multnomah, 2d
ed., 1980). Can you give us more specifics on the edition in which you find
it and page refs.? Thanks,

[My favorite along this line is Moises Silva's parody in the introduction
(ch. 1, pp. 11ff) to _God, Language, & Scripture_ (Zondervan, 1990).]


 Rodney J. Decker, Asst. Prof./NT Baptist Bible Seminary Clarks Summit, PA

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