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Date: Tue Sep 24 1996 - 08:28:02 EDT

> From: "KULIKOVSKY, Andrew" <>
> I am currently studying Romans 12 and I noted the NIV's unusual
> rendering of the word LOGIKA as 'spiritual'.
> I don't understand why the committee decided on this rendering.
> The footnote gives the more traditional rendering 'reasonable'.
> The NIV is usually very good in its choices of renderings (and is
> my first choice for a translation) but I think this maybe one of those
> instances of (dare I say) not so good judgement.
> Can anybody share any light on the 'spiritual' rendering?

Let me offer a third possibility.

The middle LSJ on Perseus also offers for LOGIKA the (apparently
more nearly primitive) meaning of having to do with speech.
Also, for service or act of worship (if I remember correctly,
the Greek is LEITOURGIA) I like "priestly service" in this context
-- generally, it seems to mean any kind of "public service".
So my own preference is for something like

   your declarative priestly service


   your priestly service of declaration

The idea being, it seems to me, that presenting our bodies as
a living sacrifice is supposed to serve that kind of function
-- i.e., an ongoing sacrificial presentation of the LOGOS, which
I generally interpret as meaning a "declaration" or "statement".

Jim V.

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